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The Federal Public Service Policy and Support of the Belgian federal administration is responsible for the texts, management and monitoring of the site www.bosa.be.


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Unless otherwise stated, the texts and data on this site are the property of the FPS Policy and Support. Unless otherwise stated, the rights shall not be limited by time and shall apply to all countries.
Translations undertaken by other parties must include the following statement: "The translation was not performed by the author of the text" and must state the source.
If used for research purposes, the author is requested to provide the FPS Policy and Support with the results of the study performed using the information presented on this site.

Conditions governing re-use (Creative Commons-0 licence)

  • Unless otherwise stated, no rights apply to the information on this website. It can be re-used for personal, scientific or commercial purposes, or for purposes connected with associations. The federal administration however advises stating the source and date of the information re-used.
  • Whenever prior permission is required, or whenever specific conditions are necessary, the limitations governing re-use will be explicitly stated. The re-use of multi-media materials (photographs, images, sound, videos, etc.), including the content that forms part of downloadable documents (brochures etc.) shall require prior approval in all cases.
  • The federal administration does everything within its power to ensure that this website is correct and up to date. If it is nevertheless found to include an error, the federal administration undertakes to perform the necessary corrections as soon as possible.

For further information regarding access to and the re-use of government information, please visit https://data.gov.be/nl/wettelijk-kader.


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